User Meeting in London

24. juillet 2019

This year’s first WIN User Meeting was held in the Landmark London Hotel on 10th March 2019; this was the 5th edition in London of the User Meetings we organize. A total of more than 150 WIN users got together in the United Kingdom for dynamic exchanges of views, which always are technically interesting and inspiring. Not only was there a chance to build on relationships that had been established last year; many experts from around the world and WIN users also got in touch for the very first time. Many interesting discussions among orthodontists supported a programme that featured exciting presentations.

When the participants had arrived, Professor Wiechmann launched the Meeting updating them on the WIN Appliance. For all present, this was an opportunity to learn the latest about it. It also allowed to address current questions early on. After a short coffee break, more presentations were held, among them three WIN user testimonials.

First in line was the testimonial of Dr Galletti, from France. She presented considerations on stripping and periodontal situations. Alternating with talks by Professor Wiechmann, next in line was Dr Loza-Soltyk, from Poland, who reported on lingual appliances as well and presented cases to her colleagues.

After the lunch break, Dr Klang, from Germany took the floor. She had arrived together with Professor Wiechmann from the practice in Bad Essen and had opted for the torque of the upper incisors as her topic.

The participants followed the presentations with attention and interest. To conclude, Professor Wiechmann addressed angulation control with the WIN Appliance in the final talk of the day. The many and varied questions the audience expressed were then addressed.



A glimpse was also given of current developments in the area of social media. To draw more attention to the WIN Appliance via this channel, a hashtag has been introduced that can be added by all WIN users to their photographs: publishing the hashtag #movetowin wherever possible, whether on Instagram or Facebook, will have the effect of connecting to one another all those who relate to WIN.

Wiechmann Erklärt

On-site Advanced Training Courses 

Along with the User Meeting, a course for dental assistants was held. Joined in this by Dr Simon, from France, Professor Wiechmann explained the participants, under the headline of Learning Lingual, what the work protocols look like in a treatment with the WIN Appliance. This course made many friends, it turned out, last year.
For the two previous days, too, on 8th and 9th March 2019, Professor Wiechmann had held a two day course for orthodontists, in the Landmark London Hotel as well. They were intended for beginners who approached treatment with the WIN Appliance for the first time as a topic of learning. These two days were attended by high numbers as well. Again, the number of participants in London makes a statement for the growing popularity of the WIN Appliance on the international scale and for the extraordinary importance of offering quality advanced training.

Further User Meetings This Year

After about 9 hours, the 5th user meeting in London ended—a fine day that the WIN users are likely to have fond memories of. The next User Meetings in the current year will be held in Paris and in Frankfurt-on-the-Main. Every WIN user who is interested is very welcome to attend. It is our pleasure to see our User Meetings bring together our WIN customers from all over the world.

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